Avoid Hassles in Your Holiday Vacation: 4 Roof Problems that Should be Reported

Nothing ruins a supposedly enjoyable stay in a guesthouse or apartment than a leaky roof. But that’s just one of the many roof issues that you might encounter when you spend a night in a home you rented via Airbnb or Couchsurfing. The property may look fine in the pictures on the internet, but the minor roof problems can show when you’re actually staying there.

As soon as you notice an early sign of a roof problem, report it immediately to your host. Why should you even bother? Because it can lead to worse problems in the long run, causing hassle to future guests. Also, if you plan on staying there again, you’d want to avoid dealing with a roof problem again. Roofers Bristol UK have provided some photos and information on the 4 main roof problems that should be reported. roofersbristoluk.co.uk

  1. Water spots on walls – When you see water spots that appear on exterior walls of the house, it could mean that the area where the roof and a wall meet is rusty, loose, or damaged.
  2. Water spots on the ceiling – If the water spot is big and dark, especially after the rain, then it’s a sign of a roof leak.
  3. Missing roof shingles – The sealant under the shingles may be damaged. If left unattended, water can leak into the house. Report it to the owner of the house so that immediate repairs can be done.
  4. Black stains on the roof – Chances are algae are growing on the roof shingles. Although this doesn’t cause problems to the structural integrity of the roof, the host might appreciate you telling him about it. Having black stains on the roof isn’t a pleasant sight and may turn off potential customers.

A seemingly harmless spot or damage caused by a roof problem can become a full-blown issue over time. Be proactive by letting your host know about any roofing problem you see so that proper fixes can be done as soon as possible.